Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the ingredients come from?

Everything is Canadian sourced, purchased locally when possible and always from reputable stores and suppliers such as Save on Foods, Costco, GFS and Snowcap.

Do the cookies contain gluten?

Yes, both of the current cookie varieties contain gluten.

Creating a gluten friendly cookie is in the works and hopefully will be launched later this year. The commercial kitchen I use is not a certified gluten free kitchen, so the cookie variety that I’ll eventually create would end up being “gluten-friendly” not “gluten-free”.

The new Chocachewy Bar is gluten friendly. It has no gluten containing ingredients but it’s made in a kitchen that’s not gluten free.

What are the sources of protein?

The amount of protein in the cookies comes from the natural food ingredients which include, but aren’t limited to: oats, eggs, cottage cheese, pepitas, sunflower seeds, hemp seed as well as a significant amount of the delicious Magnum Quattro protein powder.

I use the Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Love and Chocolate Peanut Butter Addiction Quattro in the cookies, each recipe has a different combination of these products to create a unique flavour in each of them.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Obsession cookie also uses BioX Nutri-Nut powdered peanut butter, the chocolate flavor. This is a terrific product as well. It has a rich, full peanut butter flavor without most of the fat that natural peanut butter has. It’s great in protein shakes as well!

Are there nuts in the cookies?

There are no nuts in the Supreme recipe, but they are baked in a kitchen where nuts are present and sometimes used. I cannot guarantee that there is no nut exposure for extreme allergies, but I do ensure that all equipment and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized before the recipes are made.

I make the peanut butter products after the nut free recipes are made. The equipment goes through a high temp commercial dishwasher to ensure any nut residue is removed.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Obsession cookie has nuts in it of course, so does the Chocachewy peanut butter protein bar. 

What is Magnum Quattro?

It’s a high quality, pharmaceutical grade, fast and slow digesting protein powder that bakes more consistently and tastes better than any of the other protein powders I’ve tried. It brings a significant added bit of protein and deliciousness to the products.

Where did I get the recipe?

These recipes are my own unpublished, proprietary recipes that have been painstakingly developed from scratch over several years, thousands of hours of effort and recipe adjusting and definitely thousands of pounds of ingredients sacrificed for the cause.

I can tell you however, that the cookies originated from a simple but awesome, hearty oatmeal cookie recipe. I took that, baked it, changed it and improved it hundreds of times from there. The first cookie to emerge was the Supreme and it’s been a consistently popular seller since 2015. The recent addition of the Chocachewy Bar and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Obsession cookie happened in Feb/March 2020.

Where are these cookies baked?

All cookies and products from Stacy’s Cookies are made locally and produced in a health inspected and city approved commercial kitchen. Every product is baked, packaged and heat sealed on-site. 

Regarding the plastic

The products are currently packaged in plastic bags, I’ll change that to something biodegradable as soon as possible. Until then, I ask you to collect the plastic bags and put them in the local plastic bag recycling in your area.

Near my place is a “Return-It” depot, they are amazing and divert so many recyclable products and items out of the landfill. Take the plastic bags there if you have one. If not, many grocery and Walmart stores have a plastic bag collection spot near the front entrance. Every bag not thrown in the garbage is a good step for us all. I appreciate your effort.

About Stacy

I have 27 years of experience in many different areas of food service. I’ve done everything from line cooking to large scale catering and banquet serving. I’ve also done private in-home catering featuring one-bite finger foods to serving in all different types of restaurants from fine dining to casual to beach side. I’ve worked in large volume bakery production and also been the lead baker in a busy morning cafe.

I’ve been making gourmet platters of all sorts for years, everything from fruit and veggies to meat and cheese to dessert platters and more. Literally the very first platter I ever made (it was sushi and 26 years ago) was enthusiastically added to the portfolio book of the Lazy Gourmet Catering company in Vancouver, the owner, Susan Mendelson loved it. I must clarify that this platter was a huge square mirror probably 3′ x 3′, not a small job for sure.

The Sous Chef at the time was none to pleased about me being recognized like that because I had just started the job that same week and the platter was a test to see what I could do. The Sous Chef had been working there for 2½ years and never gotten one of his platters in the portfolio. I guess I made an impression. I had no idea what a long, diverse and never boring food service career I was just beginning at that point in time. 

The natural evolution of all those years of building skills for me was to create Stacy’s Cookies and develop my own unique ideas. 

Let me know if you have a question that isn’t listed here.

2 Comments to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hey Stacy – great to meet you the other day at Montanas. We loved our veggie burger and corn salad. It was great but the best part was meeting you! It looks like you have a great cookie business – hopefully you can get into some of the coffee shop chains and roll it out big time! Anyway, looking forward to our paths crossing again. In the meantime, I wish you all the very best! Warm wishes, Debbie P.S. Are you on facebook?

    • Hi Debbie

      It was great to meet you too! I agree, there was something different about it for sure. Glad to have made the connection with you. I look forward to what it might bring in the future.

      I’m glad you liked the burger as well, it’s a popular one. For the cookies, I definitely have my eye on coffee shops, both “one of” locations and chains too. I know they’d be very well liked and sell easily.

      All the best to you too and talk to you soon!

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