Stacy’s Cookies are hearty homestyle protein cookies made with natural familiar ingredients and packed with protein. They’re filled with nutritious ingredients that fuel you up for the day and keep you going for hours. They’re decadent, delicious and are reminiscent of the soft and chewy oatmeal cookies that we remember from when we were kids.

Each one is packed with protein rich ingredients specifically chosen to create great flavour and texture while not really tasting like a protein product at all. These cookies are a good size that can easily be split into two servings. They are dense in nutrients and are made with simple, common ingredients while still tasting great.

The Supreme has a trail mix type of feel and appearance, it has 14g of protein and is a nut free product. It’s soft and chewy and hardly looks like a protein cookie at all. It’s an oatmeal chocolate chip base with added sunflower seeds, pepitas and dried cranberries and of course dark chocolate chips.

The Obsession is a big handful of chocolatey, peanut buttery love that has a hefty 23g of protein. It’s made with raw shelled hemp seeds, natural peanut butter, peanut butter powder, organic cane sugar and incorporates whole wheat flour and cottage cheese for an extra boost of protein. Of course there’s a good amount of dark chocolate chips and peanut butter chips too for added deliciousness.

There are now two flavours of protein balls, one is chocolate peanut butter with dark chocolate chips and the other is vanilla cinnamon with white chocolate chips…they are both delicious. Both have Magnum Quattro protein powder to boost them up even more.

A Seedy Affair is a seed prominent granola bar packed with toasted sunflower seeds, toasted pepitas, chia seeds, dark chocolate chips, dried cranberries, toasted oatmeal and is sweetened with honey, vanilla and a touch of brown sugar. The Seedy Affair bar has 10g of protein. It’s not like any other granola bar available.


Stacy’s Cookies is evolving more and more into a fully stacked bakery with delicious snack cookies, regular size and big café style muffins, mint and original Nanaimo bars, lemon squares, fruit turnovers, apple and blueberry coffee cake, double chocolate banana bread, regular banana bread, lemon poppy seed mini bundt cakes, pizza buns, cinnamon buns and more being added all the time.

Check out the Homestyle Baked Goods page for more information on some of the latest products, there are more being added all the time. Please contact me directly for up to date availability.

A Seedy Affair Bar

I use common familiar ingredients to make each recipe. All of my recipes have been created and developed inhouse, they are unique and not directly copied from any book, magazine or website. Some of my recipes have evolved over 30+ years.

Each one is a painfully intricate balance of carefully chosen ingredients that I’ve used to achieve the unique flavour and texture in all of my products. I combine that with my somewhat unconventional baking methods to create these delicious products for you.

I guarantee these homestyle protein cookies and decadent snacks are unlike anything you’ve had before. I look forward to supplying some deliciousness into your life! Text, email or place an order on Instagram.