The Peanut Butter Chocolate Obsession cookie is a big handful of peanut buttery chocolatey protein packed oatmeal deliciousness. It has a whopping 23g of protein! The Obsession weighs in at a generous 120g.

It’s texture is close to that of a brownie, I know you won’t be disappointed! This cookie can be easily be treated like a meal replacement, it’ll carry you through a good part of the day, it’s usually about 6 hours that you can count on not being hungry. It can also be split into two servings and some saved for later.

Approximately half of the protein in this cookie comes from the natural food ingredients including the nutty and delicious raw shelled hemp seeds, powdered peanut butter, natural peanut butter and cottage cheese, the other half of the protein comes from the delicious Magnum Quattro protein powder. All of those ingredients team up and all significantly contribute to the amount of protein in each one. 

Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds

I use a combination of the Chocolate Love and the Vanilla Ice Cream flavours in this recipe. This cookie uses only natural peanut butter and real creamery butter, there is no shortening or margarine used at all. 

I didn’t skimp out on the dark chocolate chips and peanut butter chips either, which both help to achieve it’s great taste. It’s a big beefy cookie and will not disappoint the taste buds.

The Obsession has no refined white sugar, I incorporated only organic cane sugar and dark brown sugar, changing the sugar in this version has reduced the general sweetness of the cookie compared to the Supreme.

Some of the feedback so far has been:

“They’re evil!”
“They actually taste good!”
“Cannot be compared to other protein snacks”
“Tastes great and sustains you though the day”
“In a class by themselves”

If you own a café, store, gym, fitness center, vending machine company, food truck, coffee truck or any other type of business and would like to carry these products, please contact me directly on IG or through text or email.

Ingredients: Oats, sugar (dark brown and organic cane), Magnum Quattro 4-stage matrix protein powder (natural and artificial flavours, sodium chloride, organic cane sugar, xanthan, organic flax seed, sucralose, bromelain), butter, natural peanut butter, whole wheat flour, peanut butter chips, eggs, dark chocolate chips, raw shelled hemp seed, sunflower oil, milk, cottage cheese, peanut butter powder, cocoa powder, baking soda and Himalayan pink salt

Nutrition: Calories 544 | Fat 30g | Sat. Fat 13g | Cholesterol 71mg | Sodium 282g | Carbs 48g | Fiber 8g | Sugars 28g | Calcium 89mg | Iron 2mg

2 Replies to “The Obsession”

  1. I don’t know if the name suggestions for the peanut butter cookies are still open but how bout.. “peanut butter wheysted”

    1. Thank you for the submission, it’s very creative! I’m definitely still taking name suggestions.
      I’ll probably collect all the ideas for a little while longer and then pick one in the next month or so.

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