Stacy’s Cookies began in 2015 with a single protein cookie called the Supreme. It originated as a simple idea and a desire to make a protein cookie that actually tasted great.

The market is full of protein products that although they’re nutritionally great, they just miss the mark on flavour. So I sacrificed a few of the perfect nutrition numbers to attain a cookie that tasted so good that it didn’t seem like a protein product at all. I wanted to make a protein snack that tasted really good and resembled the delicious soft and chewy oatmeal cookies that we used to eat many years ago.

Today, there are two protein cookies, a seed based granola bar and two flavours of protein balls in the Protein Category. The protein cookies have been designed with a substantial amount of protein and nutritious ingredients with many essential nutrients that fuel your body for the day. They are a meal replacement and will keep you satisfied for hours.

There is now a huge selection of scratch made, decadent homestyle baked items available for direct order and also served in several lower mainland cafés. 

The last 10 years have been a long journey of baking thousands upon thousands of cookies in an effort to achieve the perfect cookies, a perfect product line that all taste so good you can’t stop. I guarantee you’ll love them. It’s been a labour of love to create all of these items for you. 

Here’s a huge shout out to my dedicated husband and son who have been leading my Tasting and Quality Control Committee since the beginning, so a big thank you to them for helping to guide all of these cookies and other products to perfection.