The Chocachewy

The Chocachewy BarThe Chocachewy bar is chewy, chocolatey and peanut buttery. It contains 15g of protein. They’re the perfect size to throw in your pocket on the way to the gym.

This protein bar contains crunchy and delicious pepitas and sunflower seeds. I added sweetened flaked coconut, raw shelled hemp seeds and amazing Bio-X powdered peanut butter powder, it has all the protein and flavour but none of the fat. This product also incorporates the delicious Chocolate Love and Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream flavours of Magnum Quattro protein powder. 

It has no refined sugar and contains only liquid honey and coconut as the sweetening ingredients and natural peanut butter to glue it all together.

I can tell you that it’s getting great feedback among those who have tried it. You won’t be disappointed, guaranteed.

The Chocachewy bar has no gluten containing ingredients but it’s made in a kitchen that contains flour and isn’t certified gluten free. Use your own discretion with this product if you have a severe allergy.

If you own a café, store, gym, fitness center, vending machine company, food truck, coffee truck or any other type of business and would like to carry these products, please contact me directly as I have wholesale pricing for retailers. 

Ingredients: Honey, natural peanut butter, oats, Magnum Quattro 4-stage matrix protein powder (natural and artificial flavours, sodium chloride, organic cane sugar, xanthan, organic flaxseed, sucralose, bromelain), dark chocolate chips, flaked coconut, peanut butter chips, sunflower seeds, pepitas, raw shelled hemp seeds, cocoa powder, ground flax and peanut butter powder.

Nutrition: Calories 310 | Fat 14g | Sat. Fat 5g | Cholesterol 5mg | Sodium 35mg | Carbs 32g | Fiber 6g | Sugars 21g | Calcium 420g | Iron 2mg

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