Taekwondo Gala 2020

It was the Chang’s Taekwondo 16th Annual Gala. Thank you to Master Chang for inviting me to participate and to everyone who stopped by the table to say hello and bought cookies. 

This is the yearly event where the students from all 5 schools put on an amazing show of all of the skills they’ve learned in the preceding year.

It’s also the time when everyone who has earned a black belt in that year are acknowledged and the belts are awarded by Grand Master Chang who is the original founder of the school. This event is the culmination of thousands of hours of practice and effort for each one of the students. 

This is a terrific school run by so many highly skilled, incredible people. My son attended the school from age 8 until 18. He achieved dozens of milestones and belts and eventually earning a black belt in both Taekwondo and Hapkido. He has grown into an amazing man with the values that Chang’s helped to teach him as a child.

When he began his journey with Chang’s there was only one school in White Rock/South Surrey. It quickly began expanding and the Cloverdale/Langley and Tsawwassen/Delta locations opened up while he was a student there, now there are five schools with two newer ones located in Aldergrove and Mission.

I would encourage anyone interested (adults included) in learning the art of Taekwondo to join Chang’s. It’s a welcoming, friendly place that grows great kids and teaches so much more than martial arts.

Thank you to everyone at Chang’s on behalf of all the parents past and present.

This event just happened to fall on the very same day that I launched the Peanut Butter Chocolate Obsession cookie and the Chocachewy bar.

The response to all of my products was great, the attendees enjoyed the Chocachewy samples and bought many of them and the cookies too.

Please contact me directly if you’d like to place an order. Go to the Covid-19 page to see the payment and delivery options during this pandemic. 


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