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I’ve been working on a new variety of cookie that is sure to please all of those people who’ve told me that raisins aren’t their favourite thing!

Although the tiny little midget raisins are almost undetectable in the Supreme, I’ve had some people say that they’d love it if I came up with a variety that is raisin and craisin free. I respect that, there are a lot of things I don’t like. 

Therefore, I’m very close to debuting a chocolate chip peanut butter protein cookie, that is just as soft and chewy and decadent as the Supreme.

The best part is that the new cookie will have less fat and higher protein than the Supreme. It also has no refined white sugar, and incorporates only organic cane sugar. Changing the sugar in this version has reduced the general sweetness of the cookie as well.

Some of the feedback so far has been:

“They’re evil!”
“They actually taste good!”

For my new visitors, please know that my products are not trying to compete with the already existing products that are “wheat free, sugar free, vegan, gluten free, dairy free” etc. Those types of cookies and protein snacks are different than these ones.

My goal is to make great tasting protein snacks that hit the taste buds in a whole new way!

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